Life is what you make of it, and I am determined to inspire the best of life in every experience.

Possibility of Positivity LLC helps individuals connect their desires to their actions, and allows individuals to create realistic change in their lives.

With a unique training curriculum that blends the skills of a proven business professional with years of personal development experience founder Chris McPherson brings real-word teaching, coaching, and performance experience to his clients.

Chris has worked with executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes in various professional segments. No matter the industry or job level, he helps his clients renew their passion to become more dedicated and realize that it is possible to succeed in all life situations.

What is Possibility of Positivity?

POP is an attitude or lifestyle that adheres to the present reality of possibilities.  Consider life events such as going into space, setting world records, or simply choosing to better yourself…it is all possible, and the possibilities are realized through your positive attitude.  Attitude is defined as a settled way of thinking, and as a result of our upbringing, culture, and behavioral conditioning we are very settled in our thoughts, and thus we produce settled results.  POP challenges listeners to question and embrace the presence of your current situation as a starting point for your continued personal development.  Our world continues to evolve, and it is important that personal evolution is worked towards in order to gain consciousness as you move forward in life.

POP is founded on three core principals:

  • Embrace and accept the present through honesty in all situations
  • Positive thoughts, actions, and expectations will lead to positive results
  • Infinite Possibilities, as our reality is a reflection of our beliefs

POP in translation is known as a change in paradigm, through a shift in understanding…the a-ha moment.  In example soda as a bottled beverage is synonymous with pop.   Pop itself has effervescence and lets its presence be known from the initial twist of the cap, to the exhilarating feeling of the carbon bubbles on your taste buds, and is good to the last drop.  You are the embodiment of success, joy, and abundance in your life and the possibility of your positivity will truly determine your reality.  If you are ready to take charge of yourself and work to become the best you, let Chris show you the way.

Whatever it is, it is possible!

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