I Pledge Allegiance To Myself – The Positive Pledge


Good Evening Friends.  I hope that this message finds you well as you continue to become your best.  This weeks post comes in the form of a pledge that is designed to help you develop a positive outlook on your life.  The word pledge is defined as a solemn promise or undertaking, and if you are like me I am sure that you have made promises to something, or someone, at some point.  There are many forms of pledges, however the most important kind is the one that you make to yourself.

One of the most common pledges for Americans is The Pledge of Allegiance which is an expression of ones devotion to flag and pledge-of-allegiance-e1435893959328country.  I remember as a child reciting the pledge of allegiance everyday in grade school right after the start bell rang, and just before the beginning of the school announcements.  Through this process I learned the words of this pledge and could recite it effortlessly when called upon to do so.  Regardless of the acceptance or denial of the words in a pledge, the process of reiterating your promise daily will allow you to reaffirm its purpose.

Consider a pledge as it relates to fraternities and sororities at Colleges and Universities.  A pledge is not just a phrase or statement of devotion (although there are many learned sayings), but in this capacity of the word participants are completely emerged in a process of academic, mental, and physical commitments as pledgees demonstrate their devotion to the organization.

Yo! to the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi

10256746_10152003052176601_1895364721325172655_oPledging to your country is a patriotic alliance

Pledging a fraternity or sorority is a social alliance

So what is your pledge for a personal alliance?

The below pledge was written to encourage myself and I want to share it with you in good faith that it will empower you to speak positivity into your life. 2014-10-pledge

This pledge is a Chris McPhersn original and it may change and evolve as I do.   In the immortal words of Erykah Badu “Now keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my sh!t.”  Here is my personal attempt to brighten, encourage, and promote you to become more positive in all your ways.

Natural Beauty – shine, restore, refresh

The Positive Pledge: Chris McPherson

I pledge to be positive because it is the best way to be, and when I focus on the positive I can overcome all negativity.

Though the world may seem cruel as others judge, despise, and destroy, I will stay focused on inner peace as it is the source of my joy.

If I can think of things not only as they are but with the hope of what they can be, I will follow the desires of my heart to live alive and totally free.

No matter how difficult or enduring the task I know that the job can be done, because when it comes to being accountable for myself I am the only one.

I fully commit to doing my best in every possible way, and in order to succeed I will always choose to be positive each and everyday.


make the rest of your life, the best of your life!

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