99 Problems Confidence Ain’t One

Good Day Friends!  I’m back with another message and today I want to talk about that one thing that can make all the difference in any situation, and that is your confidence.  I said confidence! You know that swagger, bravado, and tone that establishes who you are to others, and most importantly to yourself.  Confidence is defined as a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.  It is important to also note that the root word of confidence is confide which means trust in something, and the main something we all can work to trust in more is ourselves.

The concept of 99 problems is a reference from the 2003 Jay-Z hit song which is titled “99 Problems”.  In this song Jay speaks to various situations in which either record labels, magazines, or even police officers have created problems for him, however he refrains in saying that he’s got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.



This is how I envision his one non-problem



Throughout our days, weeks, and lives there will often be situations that present themselves as problems.  Problems come in many forms and can be found in anything that is difficult to deal with.  In Jay’s example his problems could have stemmed from many things that totaled 99, but the one confiding hope that he maintains is that his bitch (female dog) is potty trained, doesn’t pull when on a  leash, or even chew on furniture and obeys his every command.  That’s a good girl.

You see we all have problems, and I personally encounter them more often when I am faced with new situations of challenge and difficulty as I learn and grow.  Problems and challenges are a part of the development process, and a constant in life as we seek to understand an always evolving world.
The one thing that we should all work to make sure never becomes our one problem is our self-confidence.  Confidence and believe in yourself is critical to enjoying a happy life, and the moment you begin to doubt the abilities and qualities you posses you have 100 problems.  100 is a complete number representation, and you must not let your problems take complete control of you.

You must believe in yourself, and this begins with the way you view your ability to affect your reality.   The characteristics of Trusting, Learning, and Loving yourself are three qualities that will aid in the building of your self-confidence.

Trusting – believe that what ever you desire is possible, and believe that you can have it.  The only way to win the NCAA Basketball Tournament is to believe that you can have that one shining moment of triumph.

Learning – identify where you are both strong and weak, and work to accentuate your expertise while you continue to improve where you have identified any deficiency.

Loving – love yourself where you are and understand that you are the perfect version of your current self.  Affirm the things that make you who you are in love.

Remember the the biblical story of Job, where God allowed him to be tormented in many ways under the  the one stipulation that his life be spared.  The story goes on to reveal that at the end of famine, sickness, death, and total destruction Job was restored and blessed with measure greater than he ever had, and no amount of problems could waiver his belief.  Job had confidence.


“If you’re having life problems I can help you overcome, I got 99 problems confidence ain’t one…Hit Me!” – Chris McPherson




make the rest of your life, the best of your life!



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